Quickstart guide

Follow these steps to get up and running sending HIPAA compliant, secure email with the Paubox Email API. You can test and even use it in production to send up tp 300 emails per month for free.

Step 1: sign up and create a Paubox account

Don't worry, it's free to sign up and to send up to 300 emails per month with our API. Just visit our sign up page and create an account.

If you send more than 300 emails in one month, you will be automatically moved up to the appropriate pricing tier and billed the annual cost.

Step 2: activate and verify your domain

Once you have a Paubox account, you need to activate the domain you intend to use for sending email with the API. This is done by simply logging into the Admin Console, clicking on the REST API option in the left menu bar, and then clicking the Add Domain button shown below.

Example bannerExample banner

Once your domain is added, we need to make sure it's yours. So you will have to validate the domain by updating your domain's DNS records with the specified information in your console. Click the Settings icon to the right of your domain name and select Manage Domain

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You can verify your domain by adding a TXT or CNAME record to your domain's DNS settings. Use the information provided to update your domain, then return to this page and click Check now.

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Sometimes the verification is instant. Depending on your DNS host, it could take 24-48 hours to verify. Same goes for your spf record, which you must add to your domain's DNS records and verify on the same page.

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Step 3: generate your API key

Once your domain is verified, you can generate your API key on the same page where you verified it. Just click on the Settings Wheel to the right of your domain and select Manage Domain.

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You can generate several API keys to use in different applications as needed. Make sure you save your key because if you lose it you will have to generate a new one.

To connect and send secure email, you'll need the API key and your customer endpoint, which is shown on the Manage Domain page as well.

Step 4: integrate the API into your app

(We even have code for you!)

The fastest way to get started is to use the Paubox Email API SDK repositories on GitHub. You can also checkout some quick samples on the Paubox Email API information page.

We have code for the following languages:

If you're a hardcore developer you can take a look at the entirety of the API Docs on this site using the left navigation bar and build code from scratch.