Tracking Links

Fetch tracking links

Return a list of json data for all tracking links associated to a campaign mailing send or campaign mailing delivery.





Data parameters

One of the following ids is required. If you pass in the campaign_mailing_send_id, it will return a list of every link in every email sent in the campaign and the tracking info.

"tracking_link": {
"campaign_mailing_send_id": "uuid string", // available from the Paubox Marketing interface analytics page. Click a sent campaign and the url will show a selectedId like: 1308ab8d-a128-498c-8367-f71ac16934e8

How to find your campaign_mailing_send_id in the Dashboard


order_by[attribute] Attribute to sort on. Default value is created_at.

order=[asc | desc] Direction to sort. Default value is descending.

Success response

Code: 200

"data": [
"id": "string",
"type": "tracking_link",
"attributes": {
"target_url": "string",
"opened_at": "string",
"clicked": "integer",
"campaign_mailing_delivery_id": "string"